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The Web Site

Here are the objectives for

  • A portal for my photographic and design work.
  • A vehicle to share my experiences as a photographer and sportsman.
  • An example of my web design and development skills.
  • Interesting, informative and inspirational.

I plan to post news, photos, blogs and other content, on a regular basis so please check back from time to time.

Viewing of images

Many of the images here are large and although compressed may take time to load if you have a slow internet connection.  As this is a graphical site, I make no apology for images of this size, as it is required to see them at their best.

Screen resolutions and settings

The images on this website have been prepared for viewing on monitors using typical contrast and brightness settings.  A minimum resolution setting of 1024x768 is recommended.


This website has been developed in the standards compliant browser Firefox.  The site has been optimised and tested for Internet Explorer 6/7 and Safari, but it is possible that not all features will perform as well in other browsers.


I try to make all my sites as accessible as possible, following basic industry good practice benchmarks, such as valid HTML and CSS, KISS and W3c Web standards.


This web site is displayed using a number of open source technologies and libraries.  It is laid out and formatted using valid cross browser XHTML/CSS and uses a PHP/mySQL backend to serve content to the JavaScript front end using the third party library mooTools for effects.